When Healthy Passion Becomes Unhealthy Obsession

sock mania 1

There will be unspun fiber for socks. (Of which one was dug out and has been spun.)
sock mania 3

There will be unknitted sock yarns wound into balls, waiting to be knitted. (Of which one was dug out and knitted.)
sock mania 2

There will also be unfinished socks. (Of which none have been finished.)
sock mania 4

And no, I do not have a problem. I can quit at any given moment, for I do not have a problem.

Happiness Is a Little Kitty

Happiness is a little kitty sleeping.
gus 5
The little nose.
gus 3
The wee paws.
gus 2
The tiny ears.
gus 6
The silky soft coat of gray.
gus 4
Happiness is a little kitty.
gus 1

(I went to see my friend's new 9-week old kitty Gus yesterday. I just had to share!)