This Post Contains Disturbing Images

With a few good 'uns scattered about as well.

(Insert here some lame and worn out excuses for not blogging. These may or may not include laziness, profound hatred for current computer and a dog.)

So, let's talk about knitting. Happens with some pointy sticks and thread, that much I do remember. The truth is, I have knitted very very little, and photographed even less. But there's a little something, and this time we have even photos. (No promises this'll happen again any time soon.)

First up, a tubular cowl, worked with size elebentymillion needles, in the most difficult stitch ever imagined: the almighty garter stitch. Cast on some 25 stitches, knit and knit and knit until you've finished 2 skeins of bulky superwash merino yarn. This took me two nights as the huge needles made my hands hurt. The end result is rather nice, though.

tuubi 1

tuubi 2

Second (I know, I know, just breath in.... and now out) finished project is a set of a beanie and another tubular cowl.
setti 1
Beanie worked top down in stockinette stitch with an über creative garter stitch brim. The cowl is worked in broken rib stitch with a garter selvedge. The yarn is called Semilla Cablé, which is tubular and cord-like in texture and interesting to work with. It doesn't yield much drape, though, so the cowl is rather stiff, but will hopefully relax after a few washes.

Next up (just breathe): yet another tubular cowl. And lo and behold, it's also grey.

huivi 2

What made this an interesting project was the yarn. I used 1 ball of Katia Air Lux, which is a tubular viscose-merino blend with an incredible metallic sheen. Knitted in garter stitch worked diagonally (increasing in one edge and decreasing in the other), the end result looks almost like chainmail. This, unlike the previous two, is merely for accessorizing purposes.

huivi 1

The final project today is another beanie. A pink one!

pipo 1

I found this yarn, Fyberspates Vivacious DK, at a craft fair last fall, and knew it'd become a beanie for me. I love the colors, and it was fun to work with. The hat is worked with a double brim, which makes this one a very warm hat indeed. (I know I got the inspiration for this hat somewhere on ravelry, but can't figure it out. However, I've seen a beanie quite like this - let me know if this rings a bell!)

Now, I mentioned above that I haven't photographed a lot lately. I have, in fact, taken quite a few photos of others. But I hatehatehate the way I look in photos. You see, photographing is Very Serious Business.

pipo 3

Very, very serious indeed.

pipo 2

Am happy with it, though :)

pipo 4

So that's it for now. I'll dig out some WIPs - in a year or two I'll have something else finished!