The Little House by the River

We're back! It only took me 6 weeks to get back to blogging :D So here's a brief recap on what has been going on.

We got here on August 9th and the first few weeks went past really fast, taking care of official business and all. Mr HairyFeet went back to work on Aug 17th and as our cars, the Amazing German Wonders, were still on a boat somewhere in the Atlantic, he needed a car for commuting. And so he graduated from a V-dub driver to a Mercedes driver.
So we have a 20-year old Mercedes now :D It drives surprisingly well, there are no issues with it, and it gets around 50mpg (around 5l/100km), so it's a perfect car for him to drive to work (70 miles one way).

In August, we also moved to a little house by the river. There is literally a tiny creek in our backyard!
The house was Mr HairyFeet's grandparents' place, and since they're no longer with us, it has been a summer house. It's fully redecorated and modernized inside and out, and with 3 bedrooms and around 1400 sq. ft (140m2), it's decently big for us. I love the fact that it has a huge fireplace and a sauna!
front yard
There are also 2 small sheds and a bigger barn/animal house complex, which haven't been in farming use for decades.
barn 1
They're there for storage only (and especially the animal house is in a rather shabby condition). And in these storage rooms we have found treasures.

varpaloom kothe
Treasures, I tell you. This is a Varpaloom "Kothe", it is at least 30 years old 24" wide, 8 harness table loom. The loom needed to new thinner heddle rods and new heddles, new reeds (none were found), but otherwise it is in perfect condition. I found several shuttles and a bobbin rack, too, and will get the new reeds shortly, so I can set it up. It even has a stand! It is exactly what I spent nights and days googling last spring, and I wanted to buy one, but luckily I didn't. The only downside is that it doesn't fold, but I can't really complain about that. We also discovered two antique skein winders (wooden ones) and a metal one with a clever mechanism, bobbin lace pillows and bobbins and instructions, and tons of needles and yarn. Mr HairyFeet's grandma was an avid craftswoman, and since no one else in the family needs these tools, I guess I need to learn new crafts ;D

But before I can settle down at the loom and start weaving madly, the yard has to be prepped for the winter.
house and teh merc
This is only maybe 1/4 of the yard. It truly is huge, there is a small garden and apple trees and lawn all over. We have sunflowers...
And we have flowers all over the yard...
flowers 3

flowers 7

Rowans are full of berries.
fall colors

And the flowers are full of bumble bees (which are surprisingly cute too).
busy bees

But most importantly, we have amazing sunsets. (These are all straight from the camera, I merely cropped and resized them.)
sunset 4

sunset 3

sunset 5

sunset 1

sunset 2

More pics in Flickr.

That's all for now! I have been knitting a little so next time, we'll get proper knitting pictures. Til then, have a wonderful week!