I have been reading blogs all morning and got wildly inspired by all the beautiful pictures. I also love the morning light in our living room, so I grabbed my beloved James Dean and took a few pics. At least the yarn is very pretty, even if the pics are a bit crummy.

I raided my LYS yesterday - I heard they had Noro Kureyon sock yarn and needed no other excuse to drive down there, for it is a very nice yarn shop.

So I got my Noro.
noro sukkis
Colorway 180 - yummy!

I also found orange Berroco Cotton Twist, to go with the turquoise Cotton Twists I bought a long time ago. I couldn't figure out what to do with them, because I only bought 7 hanks (all they had then), and 7 hanks would probably be enough for a generously-sized hankie. And then I saw the orange hanks and behold! These'll be a festive summer top!
berroco cotton twistit

And I can never say no to sock yarn. Especially if it is on sale.
jitterbug magenta

And even if it isn't.

But before I even got to the sock yarns, I was attacked by these cuties in the sale bin.
ohuenohuet kidit
Crystal Palace something or other. (Will add later.)

Knitted projects? Not to be found here. (Maybe later.)


Makepeace75 said...

Onpas herkullisia värejä. :o) Onk toi sukka-Noro kuinka karkeaa? Mä en ole vieläkään päässyt hipelöimään livenä. Kiinnostaisi kyllä, mutta jos se on "tavallisen" Noron kaltaista, ei käy mulle. :o(

Tuulia said...

MP: Ei se musta kauhian karkeaa ollu. Kuulemma pehmenee vielä pesussa. tosin sen verta ohutta se on, ja paikoin ihan ompelulankaa, että tuskin teen yksivärisiä sukkia. Taidan torpata kirjoneuleyllätykseen ne.

Markka said...

Lääh, drool, vonk!
Lankapornoa. Ihanaa.

kasiaiscarly said...

ooh, the orange & turquoise will be lovely in a top!

looks like you had quite the haul at the store, too!

Agnes said...

Wow! Lovely lovely lovely! I read from a forum that someone washed the Noro sock yarn before knitting. She thought it was better. :)

Happily Knit said...

Beautiful yarn and beautiful photos as well! I got excited when I followed that link because I love my EOS Rebel more than words. Look at us with our good taste in cameras & hobbies! :)