What's Happening in the Lair - and Yarn for Sale! (EN only)

The Lair's been buzzing with activity lately! (Not the blog though.) I took Elsebeth Lavold's class last weekend, and have been so inspired I haven't had much time for teh interwebs, as I have been sketching and swatching and dyeing yarn and knitting. This means more knits in the future but right now the Lair has very little to show.

I have been really busy and will be for a few more weeks. The Nordic Knitting Conference is coming up in March, and as I am teaching, I have been collecting samples and materials for my classes. It is very exciting! Also, I have been working madly on the sweater method and the spreadsheet, which means that very soon there will be some big updates on the top-down method. I'm working on several patterns to go with the method, so that's also something to keep me rather busy in the near future.

However, I am not too busy not to dig out my dye pots every now and then for some color therapy! I went a little crazy the other day...

They're already in the wee shop, as I can't possibly keep them all. So go get yours! :)


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Wow! It seems you've really been very busy ... dyeing, preparing for the conference and classes! And knitting ... of course. Stitches West is here tomorrow and I think I'm going to pass this year. I didn't sign up for any classes and have no room for any more yarns in the house! Better stay home and work on my second swatch ... LOL!