Ooh, aah! (Eng only)

Oh, what a wonderful SP pal I have! Look what I got today!
1 SP lahja

A sheep pin from Ireland! A goat's milk soap from Willow Ridge Farms! Amazingly pretty gray yarn from Hidden Valley Yarn! And Charted Knitting Designs by Barbara Walker! And I love all of them, love them!

The soap smells amazing, it's almost like almond but not quite. And it's so pretty, how can I ever use it? And the sheep pin is so pretty! The sheep has what looks to me an Aran sweater on :) I will wear this proudly! The yarn is 2-ply mohair blend (approx. 275 yds and 2 oz says the label), very soft natural gray mix. I see mittens in the yarn's future, I will need them when we got to Finland in the winter. And finally, the book. My pal must be psychic, since I was about to order this on Friday, as a birthday gift to me. I like all of the Walker Treasury books, and I am so glad I got this from my pal. It really means a lot to me.

Thank you so much, my pal, whoever you are! I know you are very busy and have a lot of other things in mind, and still you had time to pick such elegant and beautiful and thoughtful gifts. I really feel honored, and I can't thank you enough!


Anonymous said...

That's one amazing Secret Pal you have. An awesome package!

Ulla said...

Wau! Ihana paketti!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like everything!!