The Tailored Sweater

It began nearly two years ago. Slowly, but surely, it grew into an obsession. The obsession grew into system, and then a method. And then into some sweaters. A circle of friends encouraged (and cracked the whip), and test-knitted vigorously.

And now it is here. (Click to enlarge the preview photos.)
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The Tailored Sweater is a 38-page PDF tutorial on how to knit seamless garments (sweaters, T-shirts, cardigans, dresses etc.) with set-in sleeves from the top down. The tutorial comes with an Excel spreadsheet, which creates patterns based on your measurements and your gauge.

The method includes set-in sleeves with the sleeve caps worked simultaneously with the body. The number of stitches to pick up is very small. Sweaters knitted with this method have no seams to sew, which means, when you have cast off your stitches and woven your ends in, you're ready to wear it!

You will learn the steps of the method one by one, with an included pattern for a sample sweater. When you're ready to design your own sweaters, you will insert your measurements and gauge into the spreadsheet, and it will create a pattern for you! Use the spreadsheet over and over again - and get a perfect fit every time.

I have written this tutorial for my fellow knitters who are interested in trying new designs and new ways of constructing garments. I sincerely hope you will find it to be of use! I have done my best to bring you a top-quality tutorial and spreadsheet, but if you notice a problem, please let me know. Thank you for your support!

Get your own copy of The Tailored Sweater!

The method package (PDF and spreadsheet) is 18.00€ (euros, approximately $25.00).
You will be able to download the files directly after making your payment.
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Gallery of sweaters knitted with this method

denim henley 3 cotlin paita 2 lil red ridin hood 2 puuvillapaita 10
See kramox's amazing Li'l Brown Ridin' Hood!
And Charisa's beautiful striped sweater!

The newest version of The Tailored Sweater is 1.2, and was published on August 1, 2009. If you have purchased The Tailored Sweater prior to August 1, 2009, you will automatically receive the newest version.

If you have purchased the Tailored Sweater package from prior to July 31, 2009, you will receive the most recent files by following these instructions: forward your Tailored Sweater purchase confirmation email from to my email address (in my profile). You do not need to purchase it again - you will receive the updated versions in e-mail from me.

System requirements: Microsoft Excel 2003 or later, for Windows or Mac. Adobe Reader. This product may work with other non-Microsoft products that run Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, but was not tested on any other products than Microsoft Excel and is sold with warranty only for MS Excel.

PDF, p. 26, Back:
Row 1: (WS) Slip 1, purl 11 stitches, cast on 17 stitches between the shoulder pieces, purl 12 stitches.
PDF, p. 26, Right Front Shoulder:
Begin the right shoulder of front by picking up and knitting 12 stitches along the cast-on line of the Back Right Shoulder. Purl one row, then knit one row.
Row 3: (WS) Slip 1, purl 7 stitches, wrap and turn.
Row 4: Knit to end.
Continue according to pattern.

The Small Print
This tutorial and spreadsheet, including all illustrations, are copyrighted material. When purchasing the tutorial, you are granted a limited license to download the tutorial and the spreadsheet to one personal computer and to print a hard copy for your own, personal non-commercial use. You may not e-mail or otherwise share or duplicate any part of this tutorial or spreadsheet.

You may use this method and the spreadsheet to generate your own patterns, for personal or commercial enterprise, but you cannot reproduce or duplicate the tutorial or the spreadsheet or any part of them in any format without prior written permission from the designer.

Any other use, including commercial reproduction or modification, distribution, transmission or republication in electronic or any other means without prior written permission from designer is prohibited and is a violation of copyright and intellectual property rights. If you have any questions regarding the use of this tutorial or spreadsheet, please contact me via email and I will be happy to assist. Purchasing a copy of the tutorial means also an agreement to these terms.


kramox said...

*hyppii riemusta! :D*

Vilma said...

Loistavaa, mahtavaa, hyvä hyvä hyvä!!! Kunnon saumattomuustutoriaalia tässä on kaivattukin, kiitos.

Sallinet että sanon suoraan, mutta hiton hyvä että saat kerrankin jotain takaisinpäinkin. Sinoot niin paljon jo ilman eestä meille antanut, että oli jo aikakin. Nih! :)

Charisa said...

Congrats on the release! Yay!!!!

suzibee said...

Will this work on a Mac with OS X ? Looks like something I would like if it works with my operating system.

Tuulia said...

Suzibee: I personally use a Windows operating system in my PC, but if you have been able to open Excel files and PDF's with your computer before, it will work on your system too. The tutorial is a PDF (you'll need an Adobe Acrobat Reader for it) and the spreadsheet is an Excel file.

Unknown said...

Hooray, Tuulia - it's finally here!!! I think we need to have something to celebrate on Wednesday!

tikru said...

Upeaa työtä!

Suvi said...

Hieno homma! :) Onnea!

kasiaiscarly said...

wow - looks awesome! it will be going on my wish list!

Makepeace75 said...

Hieno juttu, onnea julkaisusta! :o) Tämä täytyy hankkia itsellekin heti sitten, kun (ehkä) joskus pääsen paita-asteelle. ;D

Samma said...

Visa vinkui ja printteri lauloi. Kiitos Tuulia!

erica more said...

hi. i just bought your tutorial through the paypal link. how are the materials delivered? i have not received any information regarding downloading. thanks! erica.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tuulia said...

New York Built: the idea is to knit garments based on your individual measurements. The pictured sweaters were all worn by women, as my test knitters are all women, but the method works for men too.

Women's garments have more shaping than men's, especially below the underarm line, but as a technique, there is no difference between the two. You can definitely use the method for men's garments - it is the same technique for both. No special instructions or alterations are needed, the biggest difference to other sweater-knitting methods is the upper body section and the sleeve caps, and that is the same for all sweater types (depending on neckline, obviously, but technically it's the same).

Tuulia said...

New York Built, I agree that there is a severe shortage of good designs for men's sweaters, not only artistic designs but well designed sweaters. In other words, the designing world tends to think all men are built the same, which is not true at all. I sincerely hope you will find my method and the spreadsheet useful.

I found pictures of a sweater I designed specifically for men. I knitted a sweater for my dad last spring, and all the calculations were done by the spreadsheet except for the modification for saddle shoulders. I worked the shoulder strips first, the short row shaping for the shoulders is knitted right after picking up stitches along the shoulder strip. Otherwise, I used the stitch counts given by the spreadsheet. Here's the link:

lynn kristy said...

Could you please clarify, with your template I can take any pattern I have and customize it to my dimension without regard to any ribbing, knit in patterns etc? Is there a way to enter the instructions for the knit garment? Any clarification would be very helpful as I am doing Portugese seamless knitting.

Anonymous said...

Oletko tehnyt ohjetta Suomeksi? En jaksa ajatellakaan, että yrittäisin tuota englanniksi...

Unknown said...

Voiko tuota Tailored-kirjaa ostaa jotenkin helpommin? En osaa maksaa kortilla verkossa. Voinko saada ennakkolaskun tai vastaavan? Onko ohjetta myös suomenkielisenä?

Tuulia said...

ulla, voit maksaa myös tililleni, laita sähköpostia osoitteella tuulia.salmela (at) gmail piste com niin kerron miten se tapahtuu. Ohjetta ei ole saatavana suomeksi.

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