New Love

This is in English only as I feel very lazy today.

I have been spinning. I bought some Shetland wool, and it wanted to be spun. So I spun some.
shetlanninvilla 1
And even as the sun came out, I spun it.
shetlanninvilla 2
I fell in love with the coarse, but yet strangely soft fiber. The silver grey color, which has an unbelievable glow and warmth to it. The texture of the singles. I even love the little hairs poking out, even if they will be scratchy. And most of all, I love to spin this fiber. It's smooth and easy to spin, not sticky at all, and it just wants to be really, really fine.
shetlanninvilla 3
And yes, I do love looking at pictures of a spinning project in progress!
shetlanninvilla 4
I noticed the thread I spun looks a lot like the GGH Kid Melange I bought this weekend. I seem to have a thing for gray, which is quite alright now that the spring seems to be finally here and one can see other shades of color except only gray. And gray yarn never goes out of style. Right?
ggh kid melange
So did you notice? Did you see some odd bugs in there? Look closely, we have spiders in The Lair!
Notice the spiders, nevermind the sock yarn I bought. (Ahem. Yes, another skein of sock yarn.) And yellow, of all things. Although technically, it's mustard-y, so not yellow at all. Right? (I have serious issues with yellow..)

The spiders, however. They're awfully cute! And they brought their cute little fox friend too! A friend of mine sent me this surprise from Finland, her MIL makes these cute little things. She was inspired by the spider logo of the Lair, so hence the two spiders. They're adorable! (Spiders are very adorable, with the exception being black widows which are just nasty. They're creepy, and make hundreds of babies behind your boiler and scare you out of your wits at 6am in the bathroom. Black widows are nasty.)
hämyrit ja kettu

I have been knitting my dad's sweater, which is now almost done. I still need to work on the sleeves but it's getting heavy and uncomfortable to knit. So I have been spinning.

First, green merinosilk became some very soft and squishy singles, which have a gorgeous glow to them when closely inspected.
vihreä merinosilkki
I spun the 4oz/110g top to some 478 yards of singles which average at sport weight.
vihreä merinosilkki kehrättynä

And after the purple merinosilk, which was some 640 yards, I tried to spin a little thicker yarn. I got 4 oz and 570 yards of this red beauty (but it isn't technically thick, it's light fingering weight). The original top had a lot of red, but some specks of silver popped out when spinning it. I liked the way it turned out!
punainen merinosilkki

Finally, Villa Lankala and Mari have awarded The Lair with the Kreativ Blogger award. Thank you girls! It means a lot to me to hear you like my blog! I can't forward this to anyone, there are so many great blogs out there. So I would like to give this to all of you who stop by at The Lair :)


Preita said...

I love shetland. I think I like it more than BFL (maybe). Your colors are so fabulous, the green fiber/yarn is amazing. & your spiders are seriously cute :)

Päivi, Lankakomero said...

Kauniita lankoja olet kehrännyt!

Makepeace75 said...

Kauniita kehruita. Punainen on erityisen herkku!

kramox said...

mieki tahon noin ohkasta ihanaa lankaa! nans <3
hämyt rokkaa.

Päivi said...

Hyi, hämyjä - vaikka nuo on olevinaan nätempiä niin "hämähäkeistä ei koskaan tiedä" (Nalle Puhia mukaillen).
Mutta kehruut on taas kerran herkullisia :)

Luinelen said...

I would call the sock yarn orange rather than yellow (but I have issues with yellow, too). :)

I really like the grey and blue-green spinning, and the red one looks nice, too, though not my colour.

Niina said...

Hei! Hienoja jälleen kerran noi sun värjäykset ja kehräykset! Ja edellisissä postauksissa myös sekä kehruut että se neulottu hamonen! Kiva nähdä, että jotkut ne edistyy reilusti projekteissaan... Ps. Milloinkas sulle tuli noi lankavyyhdin suojat omalla tittelillä? Missasin kait...

elizabeth said...

I love Shetland too; I was spinning some washed fleece from the lock and it wanted to be so fine that I had to cable the yarn! I realized it would take 100 years to spin it all that way, so I'm going to card it to make it fatter. But soft! Oh so soft!!!

Your singles are lovely and the spiders are too cute!

Villa Lankala said...

Ihania värjäyksiä ja lankoja:-)
Tuo harmaa lanka on ihanaisen ohutta.

Unknown said...

Congrats Tuulia!!! Those spiders are cute, but they sort of creep me out also! (Spiders are not my thing....Eeek!)

knittingdragonflies said...

The finely spun yarn is wonderful. I am a new at spinning.