You are boisterous and affectionate. You are the kind of tree that takes nothing sitting down, and is always ready for an adventure. You like to see everything that goes on around you. You like the warm weather, but you flourish when the nights tend to grow slightly colder. You are someone who likes to extend your days into the night hours because you never want to leave anything unfinished. You love an audience when you do things and you like to show off sometimes, but others admire your attitude. You fear past mistakes coming back to haunt you, but try to live day by day. You admire the strength of others and try to find the same in yourself. When you leave this world, you want to make an impression so that you'll never be forgotten.

What's Your Inner Tree?
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Naa testit on viime aikoina kylla osuneet turhan hyvin kohdalleen. Olen siis shetlanninvillainen tammi!

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