My stash (Eng only)

My SP group has a contest this week - flash your stash! I love looking at pictures of yarn and I love taking pictures of yarn, so this is perfect! Besides, us Finns have a stash-busting project, and it was essential to know how much yarn each of us has, so I got to cataloguing all my yarns*. (I also listed all my books, in case you're interested - just check the previous post.)

When we had just moved in, I had to get my yarn somewhere, and I talked my DH, Mr HairyFeet, into buying me this a bookcase from Ikea. And this is what it first looked like:
lankakaappi 1
Nice, eh? I loved that display of yarn! It was an immense source of inspiration, like walking into your own LYS.

Well, unfortunately, I found a moth. And call me hysterical, but I decided to put all of my protein-based yarns (which moths eat) in boxes with cedar balls, and just display my cotton yarns - and my books. So this is what my crafting room looks like today:
So, there are all the things that are dear to me: books, yarn and LOTR memorabilia. Oh yes, and the cardi I finished a few days ago. It's too hot to wear it, but I want it to be there, if only for a few days, before wrapping it in silk paper and putting it away, waiting for cool winter days.

My crafting room is my favorite place in the house, even though it gets a bit too hot during the summer. I just love sitting in that 30-yr old armchair, covered with a quilt I sewed, knitting and reading. I believe every girl deserves her own crafting room, where no laundry baskets or computers get in the way :D

So some cotton I have in the bookcase, some are hidden under the bed in vast boxes, and some odd balls in the crafting room closet, where they live in big plastic boxes with all of my wool:
Well, alright, that fuzzy furry white yarn is not wool, but it was such a pretty picture I just had to include it, too. That odd left-over ball of acrylic and nylon is the only 100% artificial fiber yarn ball I have. And no, not all of my woollen yarns are in the picture, mainly because I have no idea where it all is. I do know the hatboxes are full of yarn, but there must be a little black hole in the closet...

This is nothing yarn-related, but I want to show this just for fun. Amongst the dearest items in my bookcase is this knitting granny. I made her of clay, some metal wire, wool yarn, toothpicks and acrylic paint. I think she's cute, albeit very brittle, and she definitely deserves a place in my bookcase. She's accompanied by a little lamb I bought in Solvang on our summer trip.
muori ja lammas

*In case you're interested, I have 56 582 g (some 125 lbs) and 179 986 m (almost 112 miles) of yarn. Whoops? :D


GI said...

Oh My God!! I am so jealous of your stash and the way it is organized.


makepeace75 said...

*reps* Viiskytkuus kiloa? Okei, mä saan ostaa lisää lankaa vaikka heti! Mutta edelleenkin haluan tuollaisen hyllyn täynnä lankaa ja ennen kaikkea sen käsityöhuoneen.. :o)

Kanerva said...

Siinä on kerä poikineen! Wau!

torrance said...

No huhhuh, on siinä leidillä lankaa!
Näyttää todella hienolta tuo hyllykkö. Ihanan järjestelmällistä!

tahmis said...

Ei voi olla totta, onko sulla oma crafting room?!? Haluu tollasen kans! Mun crafting room (=käsityökolo?) on tällä hetkellä taloyhtiön kellarissa 2 m x 3 m kanahäkissä...

Soile said...

Ollappa oma huone käsitöiden kanssa melskaamiseen...todellisuus = pieni pala keittiön pöytää ja sohvan nurkka.

Pohjan Neito takkisi on muuten ihastuttava! Tosi ison urakan olet (taas kerran) tehnyt!

Monica said...

OMG I love your knitting granny with sheep! And your organization (even post-moth) is absolutely inspiring. It's such an open, welcoming area. (oooh LOTR!)

Viknits said...

I am drooling SO much over your craft room! It looks like absolute bliss!
I also use an ikea bookcase to display my yarn, but sadly it's in the corner so not very visible (it's a tall, narrow CD bookshelf if you know what I mean). I might just turn it round actually!
I really really want to transport that room over here and have it for my own!!!