SP contest

Nothing new here, just some answers to our group mom's contest :) So, here goes.

Actor - Oh, I have so many! Well, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sean Connery, Ian McKellen and Jason Statham at least!
Actress - Judy Dench and Helen Mirren.
Animal - Horses and dogs. And tigers.
Band - Metallica. (Well, and Rammstein too.)
Book - The Lord of the Rings.
Bubble Bath - emm.. I don't do baths!
Candy - Finnish salty licorice and Swiss chocolates.
Color - Blue, green (and everything else, really)
Flower - Orchids and hydrangeas
Food - I don't have a favorite food, I like almost anything but turkey. I love Brie and Gorgonzola, French baguettes, and pickles :D
Lip Balm - I don't do lip balms either..
Lotion - *ahem* Well, I have Nivea.. something or other. I suppose it's pretty good.
Movie - LOTR-trilogy, definitely.
Song - I have so many but I absolutely love Asche zu Asche and Stein um Stein (by Rammstein) and Fade to Black and Enter Sandman (by Metallica).
TV Show - Grey's anatomy and Prison Break, at the moment.
Vacation Spot- Iceland! or maybe Ireland. Or maybe France. Or..

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