Project Spectrum

I added the Project Spectrum button to my sidebar a few days ago, and I'm looking forward to the whole thing. I've never participated in PS before, so I am excited about it.

I was a little worried I didn't have all the colours for PS, but now, thanks to Kale and Iona, I have everything I need! I sent them a little yarn, and they sent me this giant bunch of absolutely amazing yarn!
my PS
(That's 10 different colors of Ohut Pirkkalanka, one of my favorite fingering weight yarns, and 4 balls of Sisu sockyarn!)

I really don't know what to say, except thank you, girls!

Olen onnesta mykkyrällä. Laitoin Kalelle ja Ionalle vähän lankoja, ja paluupostissa sain mielettömän yllätyksen! En tiiä miten päin oisin, tai mitä sanoisin, muuta kuin että iso kiitos!


Lolly said...

beautiful yarns!!
i am excited to see your creations! :)

Helen said...

Oh, this was something else than I expected. :-) I love the spiderweb image!
I feel I should start knitting and sewing too in order to be a good mom. I've always wanted to make myself a medieval dress - and my princess too! :-)

Elinor said...

That is an absolutely beautiful array of colors!!!!!!

makepeace75 said...

Oi, ihanaisia värejä. Noista kehittelet varmaan jonkin herrrkullisen kirjoneuleen. :o) Hyvää ystävänpäivää sinne rapakon taakse!