A Mess by the Pond

We're back! We got the internet connection set up, all (well, almost all) the boxes have been unpacked, and we're starting to settle in. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and messages - they were most appreciated!

I can certainly say I don't want to move anytime soon. Everything went smoothly and we had friends helping us, but the whole process is so exhausting. I threw out so much stuff, and still, we apparently have too much just unexplained materia in here. It really isn't so exhausting packing it all away, what's difficult is finding a place for everything in the new place. We've managed to do that to a degree, but it'll take a while to really settle in. So far, looks good, though. We like the place and the people, so I'm sure we'll love it here. We even had beautiful spring weather this weekend, with temperature around 80F. The tree in our backyard got leaves literally in one day, it was bald in the morning and had tiny little leaves in the evening. Very, very pretty.

I have been knitting, too. Not extensively, but there's been some knitting. These will fit nicely in the second category in Project Spectrum, as they are of a nice, earthly color. The yarn in these second Chevalier mittens is Telemark Squirrel Heather, which you've seen in this blog in the form of the Brego Set. I like the yarn, and so did my friend, who got these mittens right before we left San Diego.
chevalier kakkoset

chevalier kakkoset 2
I think I have to knit myself a pair, too. It is a wonderful design, and supereasy to knit.

Still no pictures of the red cardi, please be patient. I will be waiting for DH to come home, with the camera, so I will post the pictures as soon as we have them. It's too dark to take pictures now.

Finally, a meme! Ilu came up with this idea of taking a picture of your desk, as you would like it to be seen, and as it actually is. Well, here's the picture of how I imagine my desk should be.
On my ideal desk, there would be the essential knitting books, sketch pads, pens and color cards for me to "create". Also, there has to be a cup of coffee, and it has to be a specific Eeyore coffee cup. My sister brought it for me from Thailand, and coffee just tastes wrong in any other cup. Also, the Eeyore cup is massive so I need fewer fill-ups when sitting at the computer. Perfect! On my desk, there also would be the latest yarn acquisitions (thanks Karin, for taking me yarn shopping!), and the latest project for me to just knit away should I feel like it. Everything would be organized and there would be harmony around my desk, with the green and relaxing background of a pond and ducks and trees and such.

The truth, however, is somewhat different.

The knitting books and sketch pads and the yarn, they are there. So is my sewing machine, a few pin cushions, CDs, candles (I don't know why), scraps of yarn and fabric, UFOs, WIPs, my camera usually hangs around in there somewhere and I'm sure my pens and pencils are also there but for the photograph, they were nowhere to be found. (I'm sure they're up to something with the Swingline stapler on DH's desk.)

I am not what you call an organized person. To the untrained eye, my desk (and the den and the apartment) might seem like utter chaos, but do not be fooled by this. It might be an anarchy of materia on the outside, but in fact, it is a system. I usually have a pretty good idea where everything is. (Except for the pens, but I blame the stapler. They're sneaky, them staplers.) I refuse to clean up and organize stuff, because I can't find anything if I do.

So my desk is not an oasis of tranquility and harmony and organization. And the pond is not a nice pond either.

It's a frog pond.

(Seriously, it is infested with frogs! They croak every night, and they're really loud. I think they're mating or something. I hope the existence of a frog pond is not a sign in any way, though.)

Lyhyesti, perillä ollaan ja about kaikki roinatkin suurinpiirtein läjässä. Tattista kommenteista ja viesteistä, kaikki sujui suurinpiirtein mutkattomasti.

Neulepuolella kaikenlaista pientä on näprätty, isoimpana valmiina lähinnä Chevalierit ystävälle. Lopussa on meemintynkää Ilun idean kirvoittamana. Aivolohkosta ei nyt tiristetty kotimaista versiota, se ainoa solu on uupunut tänään. Ens kerralla sit taas.


Koukuttaja said...

Onnea uuteen kotiin!

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WB. :o)

Emma said...

Onnea uuteen kotiin ja kivat lapaset.