An Excuse to Blog

Thank you for all your comments on my socks!

As you have noticed, I'm horribly lazy when it comes to blogging. However, today I have an excuse to do so: I bought a new 50mm f/1.8 lens for my beloved Rebel. I hate to disappoint you, I have no finished projects, but pretty pictures of fiber and yarn. And flowers.
I bought this beautiful red gerbera on Friday. I was on my way to see my friend, when (as I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some blueberry muffins) I saw the new fresh flowers. I got one for my friend, and I just had to bring this red one home with me. The color and the big flowers make me really happy - it doesn't feel like spring unless you have at least one blooming flower in the house.

And even though it is spring and surprisingly warm, one needs socks in the evenings. And one especially needs handspun socks. Before that, one needs to spin the sock yarn.
ASU clubfiber oct 1
Kristin from Allspunup dyed this incredibly beautiful combed top and the colorway was her clubfiber for October last year (I think). The fiber is 100% superfine merino, it feels very smooth and yet somehow a little sticky to spin. I haven't had the guts to tackle this 4 oz braid of utter beauty until now. This doesn't mean I have improved as a spinner, I can still make a biblical mess of this yarn.

But the colors... I can't mess them up. I hope.
ASU clubfiber oct 2

The spinning has been slow, mostly because I am working on some socks again. (There is also a sweater project but let's pretend I didn't mention it.) It's the calico yarn you saw a little while ago.
calico handspun socks 2

I love the wee bumps of the heels. (And I absolutely adore the new lens!)
calico handspun socks 1

That's all for now - next time, maybe something finished!


Teri said...

Do you think it's Karma, that I was only 20 minutes ago lusting over a Sunday newspaper ad of a Canon Rebel with 2 lenses and a bag at Best Buy, and then I read your blog? I have been trying to choose between the Nikon D60 and this Canon. The Nikon only comes with one lens. Thanks for the push.. I may still think about it because of the hefty price tag, but it is good to know that you like your camera so much. And it does take beautiful photos!

Tuulia said...

Teri, both cameras are really very good. I could've chosen the Nikon, but as it happened (I found a telephoto lens for Canon for only 80 bucks), I went the Canon route. We have the 75-300mm lens, the kit lens and now this small lens for our camera. The small lens is really a lot better than the kit lens, and at around 100 bucks (at amazon), a great deal. And it takes amazing pictures in poor lighting. I recommend it, definitely, but my friend uses a Nikon and she loves it so either works very well. I am not sure if Nikon has inexpensive lenses like this, but as for quality, they're a good competitor for the Canons. Good luck camera shopping!

Villasukka said...

Kehrääminen on taidetta, ihme.

Olis aika monta huimaa esimerkkiä nykynuorten englanninkielen taidosta... Välillä tekee mieli repiä hiukset irti päästä ja lopettaa koko homma, mutta sitten sitä kuitenkin taas jaksaa. On siellä onneksi ihan loistaviakin ja mikä parasta, suurin osa (englannin taidoista täysin riippumatta) on ihan mahtavia tyyppejä :)

Päivi said...

Taas niin kauniita kuvia ja ihania värejä. Toivoisin vaan tajuavani noista kamerajutuista jotain... voisko joku vääntää opuksen for dummies ;)

Tuulia said...

Villasukka: näkee niitä hurjia kilikusvikreitä ja aivan pöhköä kieltä täälläkin, vaikka ovat natiiveja :D

Päivi: Digital Photography for Dummies -niminen kirja on olemassakin, on aivan oiva kirja josta aloittaa kuvaushommat ;)

B said...
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B said...
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Anonymous said...

J'ai commence a baver...

Aivan uskomattoman kauniita lankoja se rouva siela kehrailee! Woi Witsi!

Riikka le ex voisin