One Year of Fibery Bliss

Thank you, everyone, for your comments! (I know I don't say this nearly enough but they all mean so much to me!)

I learned to spin exactly one year ago (thank you Kristin!). And on this special anniversary, I am very proud to present my first pair of handspun socks.
handspun socks stained glass

I love the colors.
handspun socks stained glass 2

And the feeling of the fabric.
handspun socks stained glass 3

I know it's not the pair I showed you in my last post. But when I spun the merino-alpaca blend to navajoplied yarn, I had to knit it right away.
stained glass merino-alpaca sock yarn 3

I just had to.
stained glass merino-alpaca sock yarn 4

If the socks look like they're not the exact same size, you're right. The other one is slightly bigger. It seems I somehow managed to spin the second half of the skein a little bit thicker. I blame Lord of the Rings. Kristin and I spun madly on Friday, with the help of the Fellowship of the Ring and some wine. Wine and hobbits lead to uneven yarn.

I stayed away from both, and got a really pretty skein of the same blend in different colors.
calico merino-alpaca sock yarn
I tried to make sure I had 3 lumps of fiber, all same size, but for some reason there were a lot of leftover singles, which I navajoplied. The bigger skein is a regular 3-ply. I like the way the colors show differently in the skeins. These will be a skein of socks for me (and yes, I have cast on already).

And finally, we have some sun in Washington! So I went outside and played with my camera. I don't know what these are called, but the flowers were so pretty, I had to take pictures.
kukkia pensaissa

kukkia puissa 2

kukkia puissa 1


Rannae said...

Ihanat värit sukissa, aivan upeat! <3

Soile said...

Jos se lanka oli upanaa niin on kyllä sukatkin! Olen joskus kattonut juutuupista navajokertausta ja se oli aikas....mykistävää. en tajunnut yhtään mitä siinä tapahtui.

Pinneguri said...

That is the most beautiful brown socks I have ever seen!

Tuulia said...

rannae, kiitos :)

soile: ei se ole sen ihmeempää kuin ketjuvirkkaus. Toinen käsi tekee isoja lenkkejä langasta ihan kuin virkatessa, ja toinen säätää kierteen pääsyä siihen lenkkijonoon. Helppoa kun heinänteko ja raidat pysyy kivasti läjässä.

Tuulia said...

pinneguri, thank you :)

Hege said...

Beautiful socks - the colors are lovely!

pirle said...

Kaunista niin että sydämessä ihan myllää...

Tuulia said...

hege, thank you :)

pirle, kiitos :)

Päivi said...

Oi miten kauniita kukkasia. Ja tuo langan väri on ihan mykistävä!

kramox said...

mie en ala. en vaan rupee enää.
ihan Törkeen Kauniit.

Donna said...

These are beautiful - a year well-spent!