WIPs and New Projects

I have severe startitis.
The brownish gray project is a coat for me, the warm brown is the Toffee Sweater which has been neglected lately, the white circular thing is Kristel's Springtime Swirly which I have knitted and frogged several times now, the light blue lump will become Swallowtail Shawl eventually and the green wonder is yet another pair of socks.

I never said I was a monogamous knitter.

And I really, really shouldn't start another project. Really, I shouldn't.
sw bfl wild colors skein
But I want to!

The newest skein is 100% BFL, spun to fingering weight at approximately 386 yards or 347 meters and it weighs around 3.5 oz. It will become my 6th WIP today, and I am proud to say, 2/3 of my WIPs are knitted with handspun yarn (both sock projects, one shawl and one sweater). Not bad, I think.

I promise the sock pictures will cease soon. I think I am running out of fiber suitable for socks! (However, lest ye be worried, I'm not running out of fiber anytime soon. Or sock yarn. Or yarn.) But there will be skeins of handspun, I have several bobbins full of yarn ready for plying!

I never said I was a monogamous spinner, either!


elizabeth said...

Lots of projects = happy knitter!

What's the off-white project with what looks like dropped stitches?

Tuulia said...

elizabeth, oops, I forgot to mention it. It's Hyrna Herborgar Shawl, an Icelandic Pattern.

Opal said...

such beautiful projects! what a feast for the eyes!

Cynthia A. said...

Amazing handspun - that's what comes to mind first! I just finished a swallowtail shawl (my first lace project) with handspun. I am always surprised by how nice it feels to knit with my own yarn ;) Your projects all look beautiful, and don't worry, I like to see the socks!