Engulfed in Lace

This week I have done some light reading.
dragon bookmark

Done some lace knitting.
lace 1

Knitted some lace too.

Photographed lace.
BofS takaa sm

And dreamt of lace.
lace 2

Dyed for lace.
tussah silk

Might even spin for lace.
may club2

You could say, then, that I have had lace on my mind lately. It's perfect for summer, lightweight and airy, especially if you use silk yarn. And I have fallen in love with silk! The color, the drape, everything about it makes me want to just use lace and destash my wool immediately. (Then I dyed some wool-silk-bling blend and came to my senses. Phew!)

The project that started it all was a marriage between a shawl and a bolero, hence the name shawlero. I love the construction and was surprised to see how well it worked - I did have my doubts. There will be many more shawlero designs, I'm sure. The back looks a lot like a shawl, but there are no "how do I wear this to show the lace" issues or "my sleeves are drowning in the punch bowl again" issues. I have had those issues with traditional shawls, especially rectangular shawls. This time I won't have sleeves smelling of punch (and hence indicating slight intoxication of the wearer as that never happens, never!), or weird lumps of lace gathered in a wild fashion around my shoulders in the hopes that it won't look completely horrible. I love lace shawls, I really do, but they're not the most practical accessories to wear, especially to parties with large punch bowls.

I must return to my reading, so I will leave you with a selection of fresh new flowers )or soon to be flowers) around the Lair.



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Päivikki said...

Voi huokaus, miten ihana toi shawlero on!!!

enkulin käsityöt said...

Ei voi kuin ihmetellä, miten joku osaa tehdä mitään noin upeaa.