One Skein Bolero Pattern

yvi 1sm yvi 3sm

Remember the one skein bolero? I know, it has been a long time, I finished the first version over a year ago. I promised the pattern would be out "soon" after the first pictures, but it took a very long time (and a relatively sharp learning curve) to be able to write up this pattern. I knitted the second version in December with a mohair blend, and there was even a third version with beads and handspun angora blend yarn.

YVI XS 5sm yvi 6sm yvi 7sm

The bolero features Haapsalu style lace and a Shetland lace border, and it's all mixed with the Tailored Sweater method. Making lace work with the method was a little tricky, which is why there are charts for all sizes. The lace is charted with 7-stitch nupps, but the nupps can be replaced with one knit stitch or a bead. All of these versions, with the two optional bind off methods and different sleeve lengths are pictured in the pattern.

YVI bolero 5

XS/S (M, L/XL, XXL).
Back width:
13(13.5, 14, 15) inches or33 (34, 36, 38) cm.
Chest circumference:
34(40, 45, 49) inches or 86(101, 114, 124) cm.

yvi 2sm

Fingering weight 2-ply wool yarn, approx. 320(350, 400, 450) yds or 290(315, 350, 405) m for short sleeved bolero. For long sleeves, you will need an additional 200 yds or 180 m.
As the bolero is knitted from the top down, you can make the sleeves and the body longer than instructed. The amount of yarn given is an approximation only - you may need more (or less) yarn for your bolero. Always make sure you have enough yarn of the same
dye lot to finish your project.


US #5 (4 mm) circular needle 24” or longer.


20 sts and 20 rows per 4 inches / 10 cm
(5 stitches and 5 rows per inch) in stitch pattern.

This bolero is knitted from the top down using The Tailored Sweater Method. No previous knowledge of the method is necessary to knit the bolero, but basic knowledge of how to knit from the top down is very useful with this project. This bolero is recommended for advanced knitters.


Get your copy through the pattern page on ravelry or follow the link below:

A lot of effort went to the pattern editing, and I do hope it is now error-free. If you do find errors in the pattern, please let me know! Enjoy and happy knitting :)


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Katju, ei ainakaan vielä ole suomeksi, kesällä tulee jos saan käännöksen urakoitua! Sinänsä ohje on helppo seurattava, kaaviot löytyy joka kokoon, ja jos tulee tenkkapoo, olen sähköpostin päässä ja ravelryssäkin vastaamassa aina kysymyksiin :)

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Myrkytär said...

Tämä on kerrassaan ihana! Olisin tarvinnut just tuollaista boleroa varmaan 10 kertaa tänä kesänä. Ohje menee ehdottomasti hankintalistalle. Tuo helmiversio iski kyllä jonnekin tajuntaani räjähdyttävästi.