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Thank you so much for your comments on my Dad's cardigan! I'm glad you like it :) As for the pattern, I wrote down my notes but didn't write an entire pattern for it just yet. I can be bribed with say, alpaca! :D

I promised some sock pictures in my last post. So let's look at some socks.
räsymattosukat 1
I finished the red and white handspun socks, finally. They are super comfortable and soft! And they fit really well, especially the foot, which has been my problem lately. I tend to knit the foot bit too short in my socks, but this pair is just perfect for my gigantic feet. (I am not kidding you, my shoes made my Mom say they would be perfect for some rowing, "one only needs oars "...)
räsymattosukat 2
The colors and the texture reminds me of rag rugs that my Grandma used to weave, years and years ago. She made beautiful patterns with recycled materials. I wonder if we still have some of her rugs, I must ask my Mom if we do.
räsymattosukat 3
(I told you my feet were huge. This picture makes the feet look even bigger.)

I also finished the calico colored socks. They might be my favorite pair so far.
calico handspun socks 5
For some reason, the socks are nearly identical, only the heel is slightly darker in the other. I have no clue how this happened, I wasn't planning for it. I used about 3 oz of regular 3-ply for the socks, the cuffs are knitted with 1 oz of the same singles, only chain plied.
calico handspun socks 4
The socks are the same size as the red and white socks, so they also fit really well. And I managed to cast off both pairs loosely so the cuff is nice and stretchy too! The socks are superwarm, and the colors are really pretty.
calico handspun socks 3

I have spent far more time at my wheel than I have spent knitting, which is why I don't have more knits to show. But I have yarn!
pink-gray bfl and sw colonial
The pink and gray is 100% BFL, spun to light sport weight and might eventually be a pair of gloves or mittens for me. It's very soft, and BFL, as usual, was fun to spin. It really is a wonderful fiber for nearly any project. I want to knit a pair of BFL socks, but this is slightly thick for that purpose, and I am afraid I don't have enough yarn for an adult-sized pair. (Especially if you have huge feet.) The yellow and teal skein is 100% superwash Colonial, and also sport weight 2-ply. I didn't like spinning the fiber, it felt like spinning steel wool, but the finished skein feels fine. I planned on knitting this for socks too, but yardage may be an issue. There's only about 280 yards of yarn in each skein, I don't think it's quite enough.

Which is why I am spinning this now: 100% superwash BFL in crazy wild colors!
sw bfl wild colors
It looks very promising on the bobbin (I won't torture you with blurry pictures of singles on a bobbin). This'll be chain plied, hopefully I'll get some 400 yards out of this one, that would be enough for socks. And I can always spin more, I have plenty of this in my closet.

Come to think of it, I have plenty of pretty much everything in my closet. So much so that it is not even contained any more.
wool explosion 1

I believe my friends are planning on an intervention.
wool explosion 2
Some might even say it's long overdue.

Actually, I took those pictures for my swap pal in the Finnish knitters' swap on ravelry. I told her (like I tell everyone) I don't really have a favorite color, but it seems I have a lot of blue and green in my stash. But maybe these will give her an idea of colors since the swap is color-themed, and if not, well, white is always good - one can always dye it!

Enjoy your weekend!


MariL said...

Ihania sukkia! On niin hämmästyttävää, että joku osaa kehrätä itse lankaa - mieleni tekisi itsekin opetella, kun näen noita sinun ihananvärisiä villanyssäköitäsi. :)

Tuulia said...

Mari, ei se ole olleskaan vaikeaa, ja jollen ole väärin ymmärtänyt niin Oulun seudulla on useampikin kehrääjä joka varmasti mielellään opettaa kehruuta. (Ainakin elokuusta eteenpäin on ;D) Suosittelen kokeilemista, se on hauskaa puuhaa!

Cloudberry said...

Beautiful socks! I love the pink pair.

Samma said...

Voi ihana noita sukkia! Ja lankoja. Ja villoja. <3

pirle said...

Vaikuttavaa - I´m impressed!

Niina said...

Kääks! Sie ehdottomasti tarttet intervention! Nuo onnettomat täytyy heti takavarikoida ;) Mitäpä sitä ei ystävän vuoksi tekisi...

Opal said...

what a beautiful blog you have!

i love it when socks end up matching through some sort of divine intervention. ;-)