Sparkling Wine with Wool

Last weekend I packed my car with over 40 lbs of wool and headed south to the 4th knitting retreat. I have no pictures of the retreat, unfortunately, but you can imagine what happens when you combine 50 knitters (and 27 spinning wheels!), sparkling wine, sleep-deprivation and candy. (Hence, no pictures.) I came back on Monday (after nearly buying a spinnery) and since then, I've spent the last 4 days under my blanket, in my bed, shivering in bouts of fever.

I managed to spin a little, and I chose Allspunup's absolutely wonderful 85% BFL 15% silk blend.
asu bfl silk

Spun into fluffy 2-ply, I managed to get some 500yds out of the 4 oz of fiber. It was truly lovely to spin with, and I can't wait to knit it.
asu bfl silk 2

I got started on a second ASU braid, this time a merino-silk-blend.
ASU alpaca merino silk

I didn't get too far, since Jeremy is quite popular with the ladies, but I passed the time quite pleasantly with the aforementioned candy and beverages.
ASU alpaca merino silk 2

And Jeremy came back home with his own little herd of sheep. (A gift from a friend, they are adorable! Shirley is in fact a swap gift, the rest came in a set with another Shirley, but the other Shirley was too much for Jezza and couldn't fit on the bar!)
shaun and the sheep

I have some wool left over from the retreat, and they will land on my etsy shop sometime next week. As soon as I get over this fever and as soon as my new lens arrives, you'll see pictures of them when I update the shop. 'Til then, stay tuned - the shop update will be announced here in the blog!


Jane said...

Love the fiber and all of the Shaun the Sheep friends!

enkulin käsityöt said...

Ihania lankoja